Principal's Page

Good Evening Honeybee Families,

Congratulations on completing our third week of LaunchED and first full week of Face-to-Face instruction. As with anything new, it seems as if we are getting into a groove, developed in increased level of digital fluency, and have worked out most of the kinks. It takes time, just like learning to ride a bicycle, picking up a new sport, or even reading. The more we do it, the better we get. Here are a few quick updates for this week.

Our school board met on Tuesday evening. Revisions to the district facemask policy have occurred. Facemasks with vents/ventilators are no longer permitted as well as neck gaiters or neck buffs. We have extra masks on campus to assist if needed or you may provide your child with your own. 

Also, please know there were some recent changes to safety protocols that can be found in the OCPS COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures Guidelines posted in our quick links tab or on the district webpage. Any child that reports to the clinic with any common symptom to that of COVID-19 will need to be picked up immediately. The child will need to remain home for either 10 days or can return earlier with verification of a negative COVID-19 test result. Common symptoms can be found in the posted Guidelines or on the Florida Dept. of Health website. Your child can still participate remotely during that time via LaunchED with your teacher.
After School Program (ASP) is in full operation at Citrus. Currently, the program is open only to Face-to-Face students. You may email Chad at [email protected] or pick up a registration from at the lobby front desk. 

Our first SAC meetings is tomorrow night at 6 pm. This will be virtual. There will also be a brief Title I informational meeting prior to beginning our SAC meeting. Please view our SAC tab under the dropdown bar labeled “Parents” on the Citrus ES school website for the link to the SAC and Title I meeting which will begin at 6 pm.

Lastly, it goes without saying 2020 is very interesting year to say the least. We have been in the process of balancing classes which at times may require a teacher change. Any other year, this would not occur and classes would have been done in early July. Unfortunately in our current reality these may occur. I appreciate your understanding and support you’ve demonstrated all year on this. I have an amazing community, amazing teachers, and amazing students and I am truly grateful to serve you.

Thank you all so very much and have a wonderful Honeybee Day. 


Mr. Walker, Principal